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Flite KL-100 Electricity Trainer

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Flite KL-100 Electricity Trainer


  • Ideal for electricity circuit experiments and design exercises.
  • Integrated training system, with complete curriculum.
  • Built-in power supplies and test facilities for easy and efficient experimentation.
  • Large breadboard for circuit design and prototyping.
  • 11 experiment modules form basis for nearly 60 fully documented experiments.
  • Main units and experiment modules also available separately for economical construction of class sets.

The KL-100 is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for tuition and experimentation with electricity circuits. All necessary equipments for electricity circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meter are installed on the main unit. The 11 modules covers a wide variety of essential topics in the field of electricity circuit. It is indeed a time and cost saving system for both students and researcher interested in training, developing and testing circuit prototypes.

The Flite KL-200 Main Unit

The main unit incorporates all necessary equipment for use with the eleven plug-on training modules. Power supply, function generator, and analogue and digital meters are all built-in.

The DC power supply provides fixed 5V and 12V at 0.3A, a variable 3V ~ 18V at 1A, and a transformer provides a 9V~0V~9V AC output at up to 500mA.

The function generator offers sine, square, and triangle waveforms at frequencies from 10Hz ~ 100kHz in 4 ranges.

The main unit is also supplied with a removable 1680 tie point universal breadboard for general experimentation and prototyping.

KL-100 Experiment Modules

Eleven modules form the basis for the 59 experiments detailed in the comprehensive experiment manual. Each module contains the experiment circuit which is clearly illustrated by a cicuit diagram on its top panel. Switch faults are also incorporated into the modules for simulating fault situations.


1. KL-13001 Basic Electricity Experiment Module

2. KL-13002 Magnetism Introduction Experiment Module

3. KL-13003 Magnetic Field Experiment Module

4. KL-13004 Ampere's Rule Experiment Module

5. KL-13005 Fleming's Rule Experiment Module

6. KL-13006 Induction Experiment Module

7. KL-13007 Fundamental Electronic Circuits Experiment Module

8. KL-13008 Basic Electronic Circuits (1) Experiment Module

9. KL-13009 Basic Electronic Circuits (2) Experiment Module

10. KL-13010 Special Electronic Components Experiment Module

11. KL-13011 Oscillator Characteristics & Applications Experiment Module

The full list of experiments performed using the above modules and detailed in the experiment manual are:

  1. Basic Electricity Experiments
    1. DC voltage measurement
    2. Using an ohmmeter
    3. Resister characteristics
    4. DC current measurement
    5. Ohm's law
    6. Power in DC ciruits
    7. Series-parallel circuits and Kirchhoff's law
    8. Superposition, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems
    9. Maximum power transfer theorem
    10. DC RC circuits and transient phenomena
    11. AC voltage measurement
    12. AC current measurement
    13. AC RC circuits
    14. AC RL circuits
    15. AC RLC circuits
    16. Power in AC circuits
    17. Transformer characteristics
    18. Series resonant circuits
    19. Parallel resonant circuits
    20. LC filters

  2. Magnetism Experiments
    1. Magnetic devices
    2. Magnetic fields
    3. Drawing magnetic curves
    4. Magnetic field strength
    5. Lenz's and Faraday's laws
    6. Ampere's rule
    7. Fleming's rule
    8. Self induction
    9. Mutual induction
    10. Magnetic flux detection

  3. Fundamental Electronic Circuits Experiments
    1. Diode characteristics
    2. Rectifier circuits
    3. Filter circuits
    4. Zener diode characteristics
    5. LED characteristics
    6. Transister characteristics
    7. Multimeter functions
    8. FET characteristics
    9. SCR characteristics
    10. UJT characteristics

  4. Basic Electronic Circuits Experiments
    1. Simple amplifier
    2. Complimentary amplifier
    3. Voltage regulator
    4. Push-pull amplifier
    5. Wheatstone bridge
    6. Dimmer circuit
    7. Multistage cascading amplifier
    8. Relay characteristics
    9. Touch controlled switch

  5. Control Applications Experiments
    1. CDS characteristics
    2. Light controlled circuit
    3. Thermister characteristics
    4. Temperature controlled circuit
    5. Sound controlled circuit

  6. Oscillator Characteristics & Applications Experiments
    1. Blocking oscillator
    2. Electronic birdcall circuit
    3. Astable multivibrator
    4. LED flasher circuit
    5. LC resonant circuit


KL-100 Main Unit
Fixed DC Power Supply Voltage range: +5V, -5V, +12V and -12V
Maximum current output: 300mA
Output overload protection
Variable DC Power Supply Voltage range: +3V ~ +18V, -3V ~ -18V
Maximum current output: 1A
Output overload protection
AC Power Supply Voltage range: 9V~0V~9V
Maximum current output: 500mA
Output overload protection
Function Generator Four frequency ranges:
10Hz to 100Hz
100Hz to 1KHz
1KHz to 10KHz
10KHz to 100KHz
Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle
Accuracy: 5% of full scale value
Output impedance: 50W
Output voltage: 18Vp-p (open-loop); 9Vp-p (with 50W load)
3 Digit Digital Meter DC Voltage range: 2V, 200V
DC Voltage accuracy: 0.3% of reading + 1 digit
DC current range: 200A, 2000mA
DC current accuracy: 0.5% of reading + 1 digit
Analogue Meters AC current: 0 ~ 100mA ~ 1A
AC Voltage: 0 ~ 15V
DC current: 0 ~ 100mA ~ 1A
DC Voltage: 0 ~ 20V
Speaker 8W, 0.25W speaker with driver circuit
Variable Resistors 1kW, 0.25W variable resistor with 3 terminals (A, B, C)
10kW, 0.25W variable resistor with 3 terminals (A, B, C)
100kW, 0.25W variable resistor with 3 terminals (A, B, C)
1MW, 0.25W variable resistor with 3 terminals (A, B, C)
Removable Solderless Breadboard 1680 interconnected tie points, accepting all DIP devices, components with leads and solid wires of AWG #22-30 (0.3mm to 0.8mm)
Accessories Power lead, connecting leads, fuse, dust cover, and user manual
Power Supply 110/220V AC 10% 50/60Hz
Physical Characteristics Dimensions: 400mm (width), 300mm (depth), 130mm (height)
Weight: 5.8kg


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